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"As the Indiana Regional Stellar Communities Designation time period ends, I would like to thank you so
much for your tireless work to improve the quality of life in East Allen’s communities over the last four years!
These past few months, we have been brought several projects to completion and are tying up loose ends on
others that are coming close to an end. We look forward to providing you a final Impact Report in January 2023!"

"Groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings will be held throughout 2022, and residents and visitors will be able to walk on new sidewalks, play in new playgrounds, enjoy public art, and shop in revitalized downtowns. New housing options, transportation, and utility infrastructure within the existing built environment, will also provide the foundation for sustainable growth."

"As we enter into the holiday season, we find much to be thankful for in East Allen County. Each of our projects are either wrapping up, in construction, or getting ready to break ground. And we are excited to say that while some have been altered from original presentation in the East Allen Rural Revival Regional Development Plan, all of our Stellar projects have been approved for funding! Our communities are beginning to realize the tangible impact of this important work."

"Though COVID has presented challenges, our communities are coming out on the other side with positive projects for residents to get excited about. We thank you for your continued partnership in improving the quality of place and quality of life in East Allen’s communities."

"We look forward to 2021 as we transition to more projects reaching milestones through groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings. We also have been working to continue to build the capacity of our region beyond the designation through leadership training and placemaking initiatives."

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