Streetscape Improvements

The planned downtown streetscape improvements include two blocks of Leo Rd (State Rd 1) between Hosler and Walnut St as well as Hosler Rd between Wayne St and Leo Rd.


To accomplish the project goals the Town proposes to install new sidewalks, gathering spaces, light standards, sign posts, tree and planter areas, park benches and trash receptacles as well as implement needed drainage improvements. These improvements will offer continuity of the downtown corridor through the common lighting theme, furnishings, brick banding, landscaping and pedestrian walkway connectivity.


This initial project is intended to be a first phase of a longer-term investment that will provide the necessary infrastructure to expand upon in future phases...







Park Master Plan

The Harlan Community Park is in the heart of the Harlan community and is a place where residents and visitors gather for recreational activities and events such as the Harlan Days festival.


The proposed Harlan Park Improvement Project includes an accessible playground just north of the existing sport courts and existing playground, bleacher upgrade improvements throughout the baseball diamonds, and an asphalt road connecting the east and west drives which can also be used as a walking path. The park improvements would allow for more people to enjoy, as a community, the amenities that the Harlan Community Park has to offer.


These improvements would not only enhance the Harlan Community Park but would allow the necessary maintenance and upkeep of a community asset...




Woodburn Community Park Improvements, Phase 1

The Woodburn Community Park, owned and operated by Maumee Township, is located just northeast of the downtown area between Fahlsing Road to the east and Park Street to the west. The park has been part of Woodburn’s history for years and continues to serve as a key amenity for the community.


The proposed park master plan will upgrade existing amenities while introducing new amenities to serve a wider range of users. A key design feature of Phase 1 of the proposed improvements is the removal of Overmeyer Street as a vehicular street. Overmeyer currently runs east to west and divides the park in half. Once removed, the street will no longer present a safety hazard to pedestrians. The portion of Overmeyer between the cul-de-sacs will be transformed into a ‘pedestrian only’ promenade and staging area for special events like a farmer’s market or the annual parade...

Streetscape Improvements

Phase 2

Woodburn desires to expand the ‘vintage’ character and improved streetscape throughout the rest of their downtown core. Phase 2 of streetscape improvements would be along Main Street to the west and east of the existing streetscape and would extend northward on Bull Rapids Road and southward on College Street.

Similar to the first phase of improvements, features will include new sidewalks, new signpost, street trees, decorative planters, improvements to on-street parking, improvements to necessary utility infrastructure, and new LED lighting with banner arms. To expand the feel of the downtown environment and to provide gateways into the nearby neighborhoods, new LED lighting poles with banner arms will also be installed along Main Street, Bull Rapids Road, Carl Street, College Street, Center Street, and Core Street...

Sidewalk Improvements

Sidewalk improvements will be made to provide citizens improved access to the downtown, Woodburn Community Park, and other nearby amenities. Sidewalk improvements will occur along Park Street, Center Street, Bull Rapids Road and Main Street. Sidewalks improvements will consist of 5-foot wide concrete walks...