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New Haven Community Center
Park Improvements

New Haven, Indiana



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A Stellar Communities Funded Project

New Haven Community Center Park Improvements

The proposed improvements to the property of the New Haven Community Center Park will be focused on providing new outdoor park amenities on the south side of the existing Community Center that will provide a direct benefit for adjacent neighborhoods of Meadowbrook, Glenridge Manor and the planned Kady Gene Cove Senior Housing Project.  The portion of the site where improvements will occur is currently an open field. The Community Center Park site is located at 7500 SR 930 East, Fort Wayne, IN 46803. The property is on the south side of SR 930 (Lincoln Highway) between Wayne Haven Street and Brookwood Drive.

The proposed improvements will include the following site elements and features:

  • The outdoor plaza space on the back of the New Haven Community Center will be expanded from about 1,100 sq. ft. to approximately 2,500 sq. ft.  This new plaza space will include an expanded pavement area, planting material, overhead shade structures, seat walls to define the space, and security lighting.

  • A new restroom building (approximately 1,250 sq. ft.) will be built to include space for restrooms, utility space, storage space for the Park Department, and potential concessions space.

  • An access drive will be provided to the new restroom building and an adjacent trash enclosure.

  • Additional overflow parking (approximately 9,000 sq. ft.) and emergency vehicle access will be provided.

  • A new splash pad (approximately 2,500 sq. ft.) consisting of above-ground and flush mount spray features will be installed.  Clean water from the City’s water system will be utilized and the water will drain to a stormwater detention basin for filtering and infiltration.

  • ADA compliant playground structures will be installed over approximately 3,250 sq. ft. of ADA compliant safety surfacing.  The playground structures themselves will utilize the playground industries ‘universal design concept’ and will exceed the minimum ADA requirements for playgrounds.

  • New pickleball courts (approximately 8,500 sq. ft.) and a new basketball court (approximately 6,500 sq. ft.) will be installed.  The new courts will be located on a newly paved surface and will be surrounded by a vertical safety barrier to protect a passerby from stray balls.

  • New sidewalks of varying widths will be installed to provide accessible walkways between the proposed amenities and to provide a connection to the existing trail system and the Meadowbrook Community.

  • An open activity lawn will be installed near all the amenities to provide a space that can function for a variety of events and activities.

  • Security lighting will be added to the existing Community Center and additional light poles (roughly 10) will be placed throughout the site.

  • As a part of this project, a variety of utility improvements will occur including
    Electrical feed will be provided to power the restroom building and the light fixtures.
    Water services will be provided to drinking fountains, the restroom building, and the splash pad.
    A sanitary connection will be made to provide sanitary service to the restroom building, the drinking fountains, and an optional connection for the splash pad.

  • Above and below grade stormwater improvements will be made to provide positive drainage flow, but the needed inlets/manholes and the associated stormwater lines will be installed to adequately drain the proposed improvements to the existing stormwater basins.  New stormwater basins will be installed and the existing stormwater basins will be expanded to handle the stormwater runoff of the proposed improvements.

In total, the proposed improvements anticipate adding roughly an additional one acre of impervious surface to the property (12.74 acres).

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