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Leo-Cedarville Streetscape Enhancement

Leo-Cedarville, Indiana



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A Stellar Communities Funded Project

The Leo-Cedarville Streetscape Enhancement

The Leo-Cedarville Streetscape Enhancement project will provide a safer and more desirable experience for visitors and residents by eliminating blighted areas and reviving conditions in old downtown Leo. Streetscape improvements will include ADA compliant ramps and complete sidewalks, repaved streets with crosswalks and regulatory signage, new thematic lighting to improve visibility and warmth, planter boxes with greenery to offer beautification and uninterrupted sightlines, drainage upgrades to prevent flooding and erosion of streets and walkways, and a centrally located gathering area in the heart of the downtown. The overall focus will be to provide the community with a safe and pedestrian-friendly streetscape environment to increase public awareness, improve health and wellbeing and foster downtown business growth.

The project scope will include the elements:

  • Remove and replace existing sidewalks with new concrete curb-face walk of varying width (6-feet minimum). Running parallel with the curb will be a two-foot-wide band of brick pavers with new ADA ramps and raised concrete islands located at four corners of each intersection with connecting crosswalks. In addition, a centrally-located plaza will be constructed on the west side of Center Street to promote small group events and social gatherings;

  • Mill and resurface asphalt street areas with 12-foot travel lanes, and restripe streets and parking areas;

  • Install 20 thematic streetlights equipped with top-mounted energy efficient LED fixtures, electrical outlets and banner brackets for continuous pedestrian level illumination, along with 18 two-by-two-foot decorative masonry planter boxes with electrical supply for seasonal displays;

  • Install approx. 920 LF of 12-inch storm water main extended north along Center Street and located under the east parking lane. On Main Street, a 6-inch storm water main will be stubbed east and west from the 12-inch main on Center Street. The drainage system will include new 30” storm inlets and 48” access manholes.

Streetscape improvements will include both east and west sides of a two-block section along Center Street (SR 1/Leo Road) beginning at the corner of Walnut Street, including a segment of Main Street from approximately 120-ft. west of Center Street, and ending at the intersection at Hosler Road.

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