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Grabill Streetscape Project

Grabill, Indiana



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A Stellar Communities Funded Project

The Grabill Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project will provide a safer and more desirable experience for visitors and residents by eliminating blighted areas and revitalizing conditions in the downtown. The purpose of these improvements is to enhance Downtown Grabill with new streetscapes and lighting for improved pedestrian safety, and new accessible sidewalks to meet ADA guidelines to offer ease of access to multiple downtown businesses. The streetscape project will also include upgrades to the storm sewer and water system to improve utility service and safeguard surface-level improvements. These actions are necessary to protect critical public infrastructure in the downtown while keeping Grabill’s rich and rustic history intact.

The project area will comprise of a portion of Grabill Road/State Street along the corner block of the Country Shoppes to the intersection of Grabill Road/Main Street and south to First Street. Sidewalk improvements on Grabill Road will focus on the south side of the street to address serious compliance and safety issues with the plank walkway; however, new pavement resurfacing will be applied throughout the project area, and sidewalk reconstruction will include both the east and west sides of Main Street running parallel to First Street.

The project scope will include new sidewalks and streets to meet federal ADA requirements and aesthetic enhancements to improve the overall convenience and visual appeal of the downtown. Specific improvements will include the following:


  • Reconstruct approx. 75 LF of 5’sidewalk on the south side of Grabill Rd. and approx. 165 LF of 9.5’ with decorative concrete (along Country Shoppes). Awning to be removed prior to construction by property owner with eventual replacement.

  • Construct approx. 145 LF of 6’ sidewalk with decorative concrete on the west side of Main St., and approx. 150 LF of 6’ sidewalk on the west side of Main St. from the Country Shoppes south of the 1st St. intersection. The sidewalk will be concrete with a decorative 12”-18” band.

  • Reconstruct approx. 100 LF of 8.5’ sidewalk on the east side of Main St. and include decorative concrete and grass islands to provide definition to parking areas and entrances.

  • Reconstruct twelve (12) curb ramps to meet federal ADA requirements.

  • Mill and resurface approx. 250 LF on Grabill Rd. with six (6) on street parking spaces on the south side and two (2) 14’ driving lanes. Mill and resurface approx. 350 LF on Main St. and stripe (10) ten on-street parking spaces on the west side and two 14’ driving lanes.

  • Install crosswalks and clearly identify with new pavement markings at the intersections of Grabill Rd. and Main St., and Main St. and 1st St.

  • Install approx. eight (8) new street and parking signs and delineate parking areas and driveways.

  • Install 6-8 new LED streetlights to improve visibility and safety.

  • Add three (3) new benches, three (3) new trash receptacles, four (4) 4’ planter boxes and openings for tree plantings.

Water Main and Storm Sewer Improvements:

Remove and replace approx. 400 LFT of 8” water main with new valves and two (2) hydrants, and install approx. 180 LF of new (high-density polyethylene) storm sewer pipe with ten (10) drainage structures along Main Street to reduce ponding of storm water at intersections and driving/parking areas. Both drainage and water upgrades will occur in previously disturbed right-of way within the project area.

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