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by Julie Wall

4409 Bull Rapids Road, Woodburn, IN

A large buffalo bull was slain by the rapids on the Maumee River north of Woodburn. Thereafter the place has been known as Bull Rapids. At that time there was a small settlement but now only a Church going by that name still stands. We also have Bull Rapids Road (where the mural will be placed). Water reference: East of Woodburn is the Blue Cast Springs-ACRES Land Trust that offers walking trails. It was the original site of Blue Cast Sanitarium selling mineral water sold world-wide. Along with agriculture, Woodburn residents have many flower gardens. The mural committee was very much in favor of including flowers in the mural.

Special Thanks

About the Artist

Julie Wall was born and raised here in Northeast Indiana and continues to call it home to her studio and business, The HEDGE.

With a background in printmaking and metals, she assembles pieces while layering imagery and texture. She is continually inspired by our environment, insects, women, and pattern.

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