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Small Business Spotlight

Gerardot Performance Products, Inc.

108 Barnhart St, Monroeville, IN 46773, USA

Gerardot Performance Products is a unique small business located at 108 W. Barnhardt Street in Monroeville, Indiana. The owner, Don Gerardot, started the business in the 1960’s. Gerardot employs a machinist and an office staff person to keep up with the business of developing custom safety devises, fuel pumps, and fuel injectors for race cars as well as tractor pullers. According to Don,  he provides value to his customers by making what no one else makes.  His products are sold at a regional, national, and international level including existing clients in Australia and Denmark.

Gerardot became interested in cars at an early age, and he had an illustrious career as a driver of Alcohol Dragsters and Alcohol Funny Cars.  His wins have included the NHRA World Championship, US Nationals, World Finals, and more.   Don expresses that a pursuit for perfection has been a key contributor to his success, “Take time to do things right, otherwise you’ll have to do it over again.”  His advice for new small business owners is, “Do what you enjoy.”

Don is also a community leader in Monroeville as the Town Council President.  He has been a member of the Town Council for 37 years.

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