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Woodburn Streetscape Phase 2

Woodburn, Indiana



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A Stellar Communities Funded Project

The proposed streetscape revitalization project for the City of Woodburn is located in the heart of the downtown area, and includes 1-block of Main Street/State Route 101, from Becker Road to Carl Street.  The focus of these improvements will be to provide the community with pedestrian-friendly streetscape environments, which in turn will increase public awareness of downtown and its adjoining businesses.  Additionally, improvements to an existing 24” stormwater line running through the project will provide stormwater improvements for the streetscape while also improving flow for a large section of Woodburn as this is a main stormwater lateral for the City.  As an overview, the streetscape improvements will include new walkway paving, new curbs, reconstructed drive approaches, new streetlights, planter openings, relocated street signs, and stormwater line replacement.  The project will connect to the Phase 1 Streetscape Improvements completed in 2015.

Improvements will include elements identified in the design plan.  These improvements will include the extension of the Phase I streetscape improvements westward along Main Street from Carl Street to Becker Road.  Approximately 420’ of sidewalk on the north side of Main Street will be reconstructed and expanded from a 5 ft. walk to a 12 ft. walk.  Additionally, new curbs will be installed.  This segment will include new sidewalk paving to be a combination of concrete and specialized pavers in patterns that reinforce pedestrian movement, while creating human interest to the sidewalk experience.  Improvements will also include the reconstruction of two drive approaches, installation of four streetlights, installation of six planter openings that will enable future tree planting if desired, and the relocation of existing street signs onto decorative steel posts.

Approximately 430’ of sidewalk on the south side of Main Street will be reconstructed and expanded from an existing 4 ft. walk to a 5 ft. walk.  This segment will also include five streetlights, a reconstructed lawn strip, relocation of existing street signs onto decorative steel posts, and the reconstruction of one driveway approach. This area also includes new curb and gutter where the drive enters Main Street, where the two curb ramps are replaced, and where the “alley drive” is being removed.  Approximately 506’ of new 24” stormwater line and associated inlets and manholes will be installed to replace the existing 24” vitrified clay pipe.

Along Main Street, parallel parking and two +/-14 ft. travel lanes will be maintained.  The new street lights will be vintage style and pedestrian-scale.  The new fixtures will also be energy efficient LED’s that provide white light for truer color representation.  Light poles will be equipped with brackets for festival banners, and electrical outlets for seasonal decorations.

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