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NewAllen Mural Initiative

Various NewAllen Communities



Stellar Communities.png

A Stellar Communities Funded Project

Several of East Allen’s communities are installing murals this summer and fall [2021] as part of the East Allen Rural Revival Regional Development Plan. According to Kent Castleman, NewAllen’s Board President, “The murals are a way to pull together the $65M regional investment portfolio in a visible and meaningful way. By installing outdoor murals in East Allen communities within their respective Rural Revival Target areas, murals will memorialize the Indiana Regional Stellar Communities designation, foster community pride, and be an additional draw for backyard tourism by enticing individuals across the Northeast Indiana Region to venture into East Allen’s communities and patronize their small-town businesses. The placement of murals into downtown areas will bring much needed excitement to the surrounding downtown business owners and will create an opportunity for NewAllen to promote East Allen as a destination through regional mural routes and tours.” NewAllen has hired Alexandra Hall with AH Public Spaces Consulting, LLC to assist the communities with the development of their mural projects.

Visit our dedicated Mural Initiative page 

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