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Monroeville Wastewater Improvements

Monroeville, Indiana



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A Stellar Communities Funded Project

The Town of Monroeville’s Wastewater Improvements Project will complete both collection system and treatment system improvements throughout the Monroeville Wastewater Service Area to improve treatment lagoon performance and free up capacity for additional connections while improving the overall efficiency of the system, allowing the Town to meet current needs and facilitate future growth. The improvements will include manhole rehabilitation, new remote telemetry at the wastewater lift stations, a new emergency generator at the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), and the installation of an internal recycling system at the WWTP lagoons.  All work will be completed within the Monroeville Wastewater Service Area.  The boundaries of the service area include the Town corporate limits, as well as both current and potential residential customers outside of Town with reasonable access to wastewater service (within 1,000 feet of the line).    A total of 614 households have been identified within the service area (581 existing customer households and 33 potential customer households with reasonable access to service).   The total project cost is $614,745, which will be funded with a $368,898 CDBG grant and $245,847 in local funds from the Town’s TIF and CEDIT Funds.  Utilizing this funding combination will allow the Town to complete this project without raising wastewater rates.  The Town and this project qualify for the CDBG funding per a 2020 income survey that documented that 67% of the residents within the service area are Low-and Moderate-Income Persons (LMI).  Construction is anticipated to begin in September 2021 and be completed by June 2022.

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