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Hoagland Light and Park Master Plans

Hoagland, Indiana



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A Stellar Communities Funded Project

Hoagland Community Park

The Hoagland Community Park is in the heart of the Hoagland community and is a place where residents and visitors gather for recreational activities and events such as the Hoagland Days festival. A recent survey shows strong support for investment into the park, particularly for an enhanced playground, walkability, and lighting improvements. The proposed Hoagland Park Improvement Project includes an accessible playground featured as you drive in to the park, sidewalk improvements and decorative lighting from the Hoagland Community Center entrance to the park pavilion. The purpose of these improvements is to improve the quality of life in the Hoagland Community Park by providing an inviting main entrance with decorative lighting, a well-lit sidewalk to the park pavilion and an improved playground for children. Additionally, the park improvements would increase the park accessibility, providing a safe and inviting entrance, which would allow the people of Hoagland to enjoy the facilities that the Hoagland Community Park has to offer.  These improvements would reinforce the amenities that the Hoagland Community Park has to offer by providing a more family and safe centered approach. The project scope includes approximately 850 lineal feet of a 5-foot wide sidewalk on the west side of the main entrance to the park pavilion, decorative lighting (approximately 8 total) on the east side of the main entrance that follows the drive to the park pavilion, and an owner-installed accessible playground that would be visible from both park entrances.  


  • Enhanced opportunities for park and recreation in East Allen County which is currently underserved.

  • Improved accessibility and safety for pedestrians with the addition of lighting, sidewalks, and an accessible playground.

  • Enhanced space for community events, family centered activities, and exercise opportunities.

  • Increased opportunity for civic connection.


  • Red Flag Survey: No significant environmental issues.

  • This project will require county and DNR permits as most of the construction is in the floodway and flood plain.

  • No acquisition is needed.

  • Park is owned by the Hoagland Area Advancement Association (501c3)

Budget:  $410,000 

Possible Funding Partners:  Allen County Commissioners AWS Foundation 

Community Streetlighting
Over the past few years, the Hoagland Chamber has actively fundraised and installed approximately 2.5 miles of sidewalks through the Hoagland community. It has been identified through the NewAllen Strategic Investment Planning process that streetlights are now a priority to ensure safety and accessibility of the walkways for area residents.  The Hoagland Streetlighting Project will focus on installing lighting along the main vehicular and pedestrian corridors (Minnich & Hoagland Road) to facilitate safety and more efficient usage of the public ways. Eleven sites have been identified on the Streetlighting Plan, some additional alternate locations may be added to make a more comprehensive improvement as long as the budget allows. 


  • Improved accessibility and safety for pedestrians.

  • Enhanced community aesthetics.


  • Red Flag Survey: No significant environmental issues.

  • Acquisition of right-of-way needs to be determined.

  • Hoagland Area Advancement Association is willing to take on the operations and mainenance of the lights if the county is willing to provide funds for this purpose in addition to additional operations and maintenance support for the park.

Budget: $160,000 

Possible Funding Partners: Allen County Commissioners

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